Registration Process

Registration Procedure
To registered with NCA, you have to fill the application cum Registration form provided by the authorized Institute. Student can obtain the Registration form from any authorised centre and register in any of our ALC (Authorised Learning Centres). The ALC name and code are to be mentioned in the application form at the time of admission. These details can be obtained from ALC or through new paper or student prospectus for the certificate courses. The fee has to be paid at the time of registration. The student has to mention the name of courses and its code while filling the application form.

Criteria for Registration & Examination Fee :-
The Registration fees will be charge Rs. 200/- per course, which is exclusive of Tuition Fees.

  1. Submission of application forms
    • Photo copy of all the required documents (duly Attested) are to be submitted with the application form.
    • A Student Identification card (ID-Card) will be issued to all the registered students through the Learning centre at the beginning of the course, which has to be carried along within the centre premises.
  2. Enclosures with the application form.
    • Two recent passport size photos are to be pasted in the application form.
    • Attested Photo copy of your last educational qualification.
    • Category Certificate (ST/SC/Handicaped) to be submitted to get relaxation in the fee as per the RGCSM fee structure.
  3. Authorised Signatory
    • Filled Registration Form will be attested by the ALC’s Directors/Centre Head or any authorised person (Authorised by the ALC’s owners).
Course Structure
Considering the requirements of the aspirants, courses can be classified into different categories as per requirements of ALC’s. Our Courses are designed by the high quality computer professionals.

Course details
Our courses are offered in a very easy & simple to understand manner comprising of :-